Lorraine Maphala – phiri ‘ s facebook timeline is decorated with birthday wishes from friends and family today . Its all systems out in Bulawayo , city of Kings as people celebrate the birthday of a former Zimbabwe super model.

Her husband Sonny Phiri , the MDC provincial treasurer general sent her an exciting message . “Happy birthday Na Dinny. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and supportive wife like you Lorraine.” He calls her “nkosikazi yami” in ndebele. ( my wife)

Sonny went on to wish her true happiness. He added that there are no words to express his feelings for her. He descibes her as his own life and strength. He is very proud of her as he claims that he found more than a wife in her.

Later Sonny Phiri took his beautiful family out for lunch . They enjoyed their lunch with their blessed children sitting around them. Their marriage is a good example in their party MDC, business community and Zimbabweans in general.

Lorraine Maphala- Phiri is a former beauty queen who ventured into the business sector successfully. In 2016 she was nominated entrepreneur of the year at the Megafast Business Awards. She has made a mark in the business sector .