Mamlambo is the best South African actor. Her real name is Gugu Gumede. She is 27 years old . She was born in Kwazulu Natal.

She is very beautiful . We can all agree that she is a beauty to behold .

Her instagram pictures are really a great presentation of the uninformative beauty she truely is . You will be surprised that she is not a middle aged , non- make up , wearing actress from your popular show on your TV.

The character she plays is the totally opposite of who she truely is . Her parents are both politicians . Her mother is a well known South African vibrant Zanele Kamagwaza Msibi.

She is very passionate about acting . She is very humble . She always advises upcoming actors to keep on being humble.She has great love for God , family and church . Her spiritual father is pastor Alph Lukau.

Gugu Gumede has certainly put some lights to the South African acting industry with her charisma .