Shocking : ZCTU SG threatened: We will gangr*pe your daughter

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union leaders said the welfare of Secretary General’s daughter has been threatened today, as perpetrators of violence set to gang rape her.

The threat came at a time when ZCTU is holding a symposium on Gender Based Violence (GBV) under the theme (Gender Based Violence Is an Enemy of Progress, STOP it Now”.

There has been ongoing threats in the past few days against members of the ZCTU threatening them on the making of certain decisions especially politically related ones.

Mutasa said “Our country is currently characterised by issues of mistrust, political and economic violence. These coupled with sexual harassment and GBV are now the order of the day in our work places and communities,” he said.

In light of this, the Union has called for Labour to include GBV issues in collective bargaining with solidarity and unity of purpose said to be critical in the fight and elimination of GBV.

Reports on political violence and threats rendered on activists have continued to increase, with some of them being fulfilled by perpetrators of violence.