Shameful: MPs sleeping in parliament always

The real reason why nothing fruitful has come out of the Parliament sessions is because literally there are no participants.

Whilst the whole nation waits for answers on hot issues debated in the Parliament Hon William Madzimure has, reveled that some MPs will be at sleep while others are discussing burning issues.

He cited the main reason being the background of the MPs, some do not have the knowhow pertaining issues being discussed or the stance on which to take as far as responses are concerned.

Some Members of Parliament lack relevant qualifications which okay them to be in the offices that they bear today.Hon Madzimure said some do not even understand the order paper, despite some of them having served for 3 or 4 terms in the Parliament.

Driving for many hours before attending the Parliament sessions causes fatigue which therefore results in less or no participation. Cited also is lack of resources to use, this means MPs will not perform to the best of their standards.