Nelson Chamisa, ED Mnangagwa, What’s next?

MDC Leader Nelson Chamisa has been promising a lot of things to the people of Zimbabwe and many have been very optimistic about what is about to come for the country.

Yesterday Nelson Chamisa went to government hospitals and it is said he went there to get an ‘appreciation’ of what is happening there. As everyone knows, it does not require a prophet or anyone else to explain the kind of loss of life that is happening at government hospitals.

The man knows and has always known that the situation at the hospitals is horrible. People are dying, there are no doctors, there is no medication, no drugs, no water, no electricity, nothing is there and it’s not a secret.

The question then is, why is he going to hospitals? Why is he visiting places and seeing the kind of rot and the death happening there and not do anything about it? Remember it is not his first time to go there. It is not his first time to even go to high density residential suburbs to “get an appreciation” of what is happening.

He has also been to fuel queues and now it’s probably clear that he knows how the people of Zimbabwe are suffering. Does he have a plan to rescue them or he just enjoys the attention he gets when he does those visits?

Both Nelson Chamisa and ED Mnangagwa know that Zimbabweans are suffering and something has to be done, like yesterday, by the both of them. Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe once got to a point like this. There was a time when they had to do things for the sake of the people of Zimbabwe.

So far, Nelson Chamisa and ED Mnangagwa are having their pride take over them at the expense of the people of Zimbabwe. This is why some people are starting to believe that Nelson Chamisa is compromised, he is a Zanu PF Project, whilst some believe he does not have anyone at heart except him being the man at the helm.

So far, no-one knows what they are planning as both of them ignored the call by the Church to focus on the people of Zimbabwe and the development of the country for a couple of years.

We have only heard their allies rubbishing an idea like that. We aren’t saying the Church is correct, but if there are adjustments needed to be done to the requests by the Church, why not provide a framework for the idea and help it to fit to what they expect and in the process work something that is beneficial to the people of Zimbabwe .

What do you think?