Meet top three Zimbabwean female writers.

Zimbabwe has talented women who have won international awards through their works. The young generation is encouraged to learn something from Yvonne Vera, Tsitsi Dangaremba and Petina Gappah.


She was born on 19 September 1964 and died on 7 April 2005 in Toronto Canada. She was a novelist , arts administrator and editor. She had a natural gift in writing. Briefly she was a prolific writer.

Outstanding works

One of her outstanding works was : The stone virgins.

Best awards She won the Swedish Pen Tucholsky prize.


Tsitsi was born on 4 February 1959. Tsitsi is one of the best authors and film makers .She has written books that have changed the world according to the BBC. Currently she sympathizes with refugees calling for the UN to intervene in Cape Town, South Africa. She posted on her twitter handle. She is currently based in Zimbabwe.

Outstanding works Her book tittled Nervous condition was named one of the best 100 books that have changed the world by the BBC.

Best awards The won the commonwealth writers prize.


Petina Goppah was born in 1971 in Zambia by Zimbabwean parents .She is a teacher, lawyer and a prolific writer. She is currently based in Berlin.

Outstanding works

Some of her best books are : The book of memory and Elegy of Easterly .

Best awards
She won the Gurdian first award book