Government paid ghost threatens journalist with abduction

Government paid ghost Matigari has directly launched an attack on journalist Mr Zenzele.The attack came this afternoon as he questioned the travels that the journalist makes into other nations. Matigari questions the reasons for these visits and also who funds these visits.

Zenzele did not took it all well and viewed it as an open attack , a threat and also a charge.He responded by pointing out there is no need for the government to question his whereabouts because he is just a citizen.

However Matigari poised abduction threats which intensified the matter , Matigari pointed out that Zenzele might be responsible for some of the abductions that rocked the nation.

The matter then took the attention of former cabinet ministet Professor Jonathan Moyo , Moyo quickly resorted to address the matter by blamming the government not to try to divert attention of people and taking responsibility of abductions. Moyo also stood firm with Zenzele and defended his trips .

In the past months Zenzele has traveled to Germany , South Africa , Switzerland among others.He remains highly defiant that his visits are personal and not politically motivated.The journalist also pointed out there is no time questioning him but the real person to be questioned about travels is ED.

Zenzele rose to fame in his Journalist work covering the MDC stories, he has worked closely with Alex Magaisa and is based in Bulawayo. Most of his stories range from politics to entertainment .

The story of abductions however remain unaddressed. The government keeps blamming the third force.An investigation into these matters remains possible. There is need however for more independent organizations to push for it.