Full Names – Stephen Jeqe Nyongolo Nkomo

Born – 3 October 1926

Wife – Eunice

Children -Khanyisile and Duduzile

Died – 23 April 2003

Resting place – National heroes acre ( Was declared national hero by Robert Mugabe)

Political status – National hero


Stephen Nkomo is the young brother to the late national hero, Father Zimbabwe, the late Zimbabwe Vice president Joshua Nyongolo Nkomo.


Father – Thomas Nyongolo Letshwantso Nkomo


He received his education at the following schools:

1 St Joseph Mission

2 Umzingwane High School

3 Mpandeni High School


He worked for various firms to raise his school fees

  • 1944 he left Rhodesia for South Africa.
  • He joined ANC in South Africa to fight apartheid.
  • He is also a founding member of a South African Congress of Trade Unions .
  • 1955 he also worked with South African ANC to draft the freedom charter .
  • 1961 he was elected into Zapu national executive committe.
  • 1964 he left South Africa and went into exile in Zambia.
  • 1980 he was elected as a legislator of Matobo constituency .
  • 1987 he joined ZANU PF under tge unity accord between ZANU and ZAPU.
  • 1990 to 1992 he was appointed as a deputy minister of foreign affairs .
  • Steven died as a governor of Matabeleland South Province .


There are rumours doing the rounds in social media that he is the biological father of Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe nee Marufu , who was born in 1965 in Benoni South Africa. He left South Africa in 1964 for Zambia.

He died a widower but 10 years after his death 3 women came forward and claimed they were customarily married to him . The claimed they needed a share of his pension .Government records showed he died a widower.

Eula Mhlanga was assisted by Edward Stephe’ s brother to claim the pension as one of his wives. It was a shock as the family claimed she was never seen with him. it also surprises why Edward helped her to make such claims.

The nation was shocked on the news that Eula Mhlanga claimed to be his wife because Robert Mugabe mentioned Stephen was a widower at his burial.