Opinion: ED Mnangagwa faces coup, VP Chiwenga Dying, Kembo Mohadi The Next President

Co-vice president Kembo Mohadi is the next president of the republic of Zimbabwe according to prophet Shepard Bushiri’ s prophecy. The video was published sometime before the coup. Some major parts of the prophecy have been fulfilled. Mohadi was elevated to vice president post after the coup.

In the video, prophet Bushiri saw Mohadi being elevated from a ministerial position to some other position . He added that he was going “higher and higher.” He was instructed that nobody will touch him because there was already fire on his head. Mohadi was given a holy cloth of anointing that will make sure his ambitions are fulfilled .

There are credible reports of a looming coup against ED Mnangagwa’ s government. Co-vice president retired general Chiwenga is very much in support of Mohadi take over . General Chiwenga’ s health is deteriorating. He favors Mohadi , the retired Major general Sibusiso Moyo and the other one to be named by general Chiwenga to take over.

Its clear prophet Bushiri’ s prophecy will be fulfilled soon because the military are have not seen any changes from ED Mnangagwa’ s government. The situation has worsened.