Nelson Chamisa might be afraid to comment on the 7 year election sabbath because he is conflicted as a Pastor.

The MDC President Nelson Chamisa has acknowledged receipt of the proposal made by the Zimbabwe Council of Churches calling for the suspension of elections to establish a national dialogue process.

The party’s spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka said the MDC President will respond to proposal at an appropriate time.

The heavily criticised proposal made by Rev Kenneth Mtata is calling for the government to suspend elections for seven years in order to address national emergency situation, heal broken relationships, agree on reform agenda and establish an inclusive national economic vision.

Rev Mtata was yesterday verbally assaulted by Minister Energy Mutodi amongst other politicians for the proposal that seeks to dissolve the values of the constitution itself.

Maybe, the MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is not commenting on the issue because he is conflicted as he is also a clergy man