Fullname : Lorraine Guyo

Known As Chihera Lo

Born On 23 February 1994

Occupation : Comedian

Marital Status : Single


Father : Elias Guyo (1965-2007)

St Antony’s Musiso High School

The Internet Sensation gained popularity in February 2019 when she posted a video online asking men to approach her for the Valentines’ Day.
She was judged and called out names but within the doom , she became a shining star and is the breakout social media sensation of the year 2019.

After her video she got endorsements from Jan-Jam , Mambo’s Chicken , Belvedere Maternity Clinic and Steward Bank.

The Lumumba Files

She appeared on Acie Lumumba’s carpool facebook reality show where she did her first ever skit , ‘Ndakazoitwa naLumumba’.Her appearance on the show got the show more ratings and popularity as she was the most popular girl online.
She has thanked Lumumba over and over for telling her to make Lemonade using the bitter lemons from cyber bullies


She joined THE NASH FAMILY were she is involved with NASH furniture , Nash Paints , Avion and Millitary Touch Movement.


The fastest growing comedian has collaborated with a number of top female and male comedians in the industry and these include Mai Tt , Madam Boss , Mai Bibi and artists like Peter Moyo and Enzo Ishall.

She got fired from her job at Miekles Hotel after her video circulated but however Zimbabweans online campaigned on her behalf and she got her job back and resigned later that same month.


•She almost committed suicide when someone posted a sextape video of her look-alike online and people went crazy arguing it was her

•She got involved with her manager Thomas Chizhanje whom she accused of stealing her funds and her virginity when they had a nasty breakup in August 2019.

•She has been accused of dating Tinashe Mutarisi , the co-owner of Nash Paints where she works.

•Lorraine Guyo gunnered some controversy when she was flewed by Millitary Touch Movement to South Africa for a supposedly surgerical operation.This was after her trolls with ex-boyfriend Thomas Chizhanje and people online gave their opinion that she went to have an abortion as she came from there with a very slim body unlike she was the past week prior.

•The other time she tried to be humorous and joined the internet in making fun of the sungura legend , Alick Macheso but his fans did not take it well.She later penned an apology directed to Baba Shero and his fans citing her admiration of the legend’s work.

•The Bikita native was trolled for being involved with Nelson Chamisa after her picture with him surfaced online.

•She was removed from her church whatsapp group following her fame

Lorraine Guyo Productions

Only at 25 , she launched her Production Company named after her in September 2019.This makes her the first 21st century comedian in Zimbabwe to do filming proffessionally compared to her fellows who use Video Viva and Power Director on their phones to shoot scenes.