(One of the houses she visited)

One of the ‘proudly’ Zimbabwean Top 100 Honorees, Kimberly Robinson a.k.a Kim Jaydee continues to shine after being invited to explore eleven homes in the Matebeleland Region, creative masterpieces made sorely from natural resources.

Kim is a Zimbabwean model, TV presenter, Master of Ceremonies and a fashion blogger who is currently based in Capetown South Africa.

She said “It is such a tremendous honour to have been invited into the homes of eleven diffent families to interview them and capture images of their homes, a true work of art in which everthing is made from natural materials: coal, ash, clay, mealie-meal and water”.

Kim Jaydee added that the beauty of fashion is that it has one” language” which can be understood anywhere around the world, after a Ndebele woman arrayed her with one of her creations made from leaves that cover mealies.

She ended her remarks saying “Above everything i hope you know that it is cool to be proud of where you come from: family,your heritage, culture and country as it all makes you who you are,” she said.