True Life Story Of Savior Kasukuwere

Full Names : Saviour Kasukuwere

Born : October 23 1970,Mt Darwin

Known as Tyson

Occupation : Politician and Businessman

Wife : Barbara Kasukuwere


Takudzwa (son)

Natasha (daughter)

Christian (son)


Dickson Mafios (half brother)

Stan Kasukuwere (brother)

Donald Kasukuwere (brother)

Tongai Kasukuwere (brother)

Sarah Kasukuwere (sister)


Chiunye Primary School

Bradley Institute


9 October 2017 – 27 November 2017

Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and National Housing

6 July 2015 – 9 October 2017

Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing

11 September 2013 – 6 July 2015

Minister of Environment, Water and Climate

13 February 2009 – 11 September 2013

Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment

2000- November 2017

Member of Parliament for Mount Darwin South Parliamentary Constituency

2017 Coup

He was among the Mugabe loyalists who were detained by the army and arrested on the night the Old Regime Ouster.


•It was reported that Kasukuwere got a vote of no confidence from all 10 provinces in Zimbabwe when he was accused of plotting to remove the then President
Robert but was saved by Grace Mugabe from expulsion.

•He was fingered in a multi-million dollar contract at Zimplats without tender

•He endorsed the Controversial Zimbabwe Indigeneous Regulations when he was Indigenization Minister

•Then Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere protested against the Dema project which shocked Mugabe and other ministers , saying it an expensive venture and a burden to the ordinary people who were already suffering due to the continued economic decline and high utility charges.

•Zanu Pf Youths accused him of abusing Youth Funds

•Patrick Zhuwao has accused him of working with Mnangagwa when he returned from self-imposed exile

•Acie Lumumba called Kasukuwere out for being a Mnangagwa project to weaken NPF

Public Fueds

He had a public fued with Acie Lumumba whom he reconciled with in September 2019 via a tweet

2023 Election

The G40 youths have endorsed his candidature