Tinomudaishe Chinyoka, an avid ED Mnangagwa supporter, has revealed that he bought a car for US120 000 recently for cash. He also paid US$6000 cash for insurance for the car to Zimnat Insurance.

Gambakwe media can confirm that Adv Tinomudaishe Chinyoka was a struggling lawyer with no car before ED Mnangagwa got into office. Whenever we met him in early 2017, he was always late for meetings awaiting transport from his wife, with whom he shared a little old SUV.

Fortunes seem to have changed for him after he got into the good books of ED Mnangagwa.

Lets look at some of the cars that one can buy in South Africa for US$120 000

With the massive foreign currency shortages in Zimbabwe, it is clear that the elite are continuing to have access for luxuries while the majority of Zimbabweans struggle to access even a little for their day to day needs.