BREAKING! Tinashe Jonas names Munyaradzi Kajese as Power Behind Zimbabwe Abductions

Tinashe Jonas has explosively named ED Mnangagwa ‘s Chief of Protocol, Munyaradzi Kajese as the brains behind the abduction of activists in Zimbabwe.

Speaking exclusively to Gambakwe Media, Jonas said Kajese is the those most richest men in Zimbabwe and a partner to ED Mnangagwa in Zuva Petroleum.

Jonas challenged Kajese to sue him in the Pretoria High court if he wants all the evidence to be laid bare.

According to Jonas, Kajese is using the state apparatus to carry out Abductions in Zimbabwe as he is in control of vast resources and can also directly order around army, police and Judiciary to comply with his agenda.

Jonas alleged that sometimes these abductions are carried out without ED Mnangagwa ‘s knowledge.

Jonas said he has information that Munyaradzi Kajese is actually Queen B, and not Kuda Tagwirei.