Olinda Humiliates Prominent Journalist Over Love Letter

Journalist Clayton Masekesa

A Mutare based professional journalist Clayton Masekesa reportedly sent a love letter to the just ‘divorced’ Olinda Chapel Nkomo who responded by giving him a list of the minimum required qualifications, and posted the letter online.

Masekesa allegedly told Olinda that he was sure of loving her forever whilst restoring that perfect and faultless smile of hers.

He further told Olibda that he wants to introduce her to his mother as his bride this December.

Amongst the list of qualifications presented to Masekesa was that he should first provide his title deeds, credit score, tax bracket, current bank statements and many other.

However, Masekesa has been criticised by socialites and labelled as a desperate gold digger who takes advantage of ‘vulnerable’ women.