Popular Zimbabwean entrepreneur and activist Kuda Musasiwa has announced that he will never talk about politics in public. This was after his family intervened and told him to do so.

The Founder of Fresh in a Box confirmed on his Twitter handle as he went on to say his timeline will only be about business, hip hop music, and social stuff.

In his parting shot with political tweets, Kuda said, “Our Government has failed us over and over again. I have no faith in them or their decisions. We need a political solution, quick.”

Many tweeter users were happy with his decision as some commended him for acknowledging the importance of family over everything whilst some urged him to ignore them and be himself.

Zimbabwe currently in it’s deepest crisis ever with inflation rates reported to be the highest in the world. There is chaos everywhere in Zimbabwe as there is no fuel, no healthcare, no electricity, no food, no cash, no roads, no water, and it seems as if the government is not doing anything about it as the President doesn’t even talk about it or even address the situation.