Open letter to Mthuli Ncube -Will the new currency survive

On the 15th of July 2019 Mtuli Ncube you assured the nation of Zimbabwe that currency reforms were well planned after announcing the scrapping of the multi currency system. Since then prices have been sky rocketing and basic commodities are beyond the reach of many.

You then announced that Inflation will stay until October 2019. Was this one of your strategies to pave way for the introduction of the Zimbabwe New Currency, if not why then were you so sure that Inflation would be there until October and not go beyond.

How strong is the new currency going to be and will it survive this monster that the economy has turned into?

Does the country have enough good reserves to back up the new currency?

How do you intend to inflation and the high prices?

How do you intend to deal with illegal force dealers ?

Do you see informal multi currency system being wiped away anytime soon?

Will the central bank print enough money that we,won’t be seeing cash being sold?