Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association Acting President, Dr Peter Magombeyi, is still admitted in a Johannesburg hospital under very tight security.

Dr Magombeyi was finally allowed to leave Zimbabwe after being prevented from doing so by Zimbabwe Military Intelligence and Zimbabwe Republic Police.

ZHDA confirmed Dr Magombeyi’s arrival in South Africa

Various ZANU PF linked Twitter accounts have attempted to imply that Dr Peter Magombeyi has received a scholarship to study in the USA. This is however, not the case according to our sources.

ZANU PF implies Dr Magombeyi has received a scholarship in South Africa

Doctors are afraid that Dr Magombeyi, who was Abducted by Zimbabwe Military Intelligence and went missing for 5 days, was Injected with an unknown poisonous substance by his captors.

The situation is still Unresolved in Zimbabwe as doctors are still not going to work and their salaries have still not been increased.

A senior doctor in Zimbabwe earns approximately $150, which Doctors say is not enough to raise their families.

This is made worse by the poor working conditions for Doctors, who have to work without essential protective gear such as gloves and disinfectant soap.

Zimbabwe Hospitals have also ran out of even basic medicines such as pain killers and antibiotics.

The Zimbabwe Military has deployed soldiers to the hospitals, who are currently dealing with only the most serious of cases.