Samora Machel was a dedicated military man , socialist revolutionary. Samora presided over the independence of Mozambique from Portugal in 1975 and became its first president of Mozarmbique.

Full Name: Samora Moises Machel

Born: September 29, 1933 in Gaza Province


Wife and Ex Wives :Graça Machel, Irene Buque, Josina Mutemba, Sorita Tchaicomo

Children: Idelson Machel, Joscelina Machel, Josina Z. Machel, Malengani Machel, N’tewane Machel, Olívia Machel, Samito Machel

Died On: October 19, 1986

Place Of Death: Mbuzini

Cause Of Death: Plane Crash

1974-He led FRELIMO, the Mozambican Liberation Front to victory over the Portuguese colonial government.

1975- He became independent Mozambique’s first president.

Controversies :

1963-Had an ex marital affair with a Irene Buque and gave birth to Ornila.

He was killed in a mysterious plane crash, many blamed his death on machinations by the South African government.

Books Written or Co-Written: