Spotlight Zimbabwe Reports that ED Mnangagwa has sent emissaries to ask for an exit package. This comes after it was revealed that General Chiwenga and the Joint operations Command have lost faith in ED Mnangagwa.

The story was written by Itai Mushekwe and Nancy Magaya

Spotlight says ED Mnangagwa is likely to skip to Japan it the UAE.

ED Mnangagwa had tabled an alteratibe deal but it was rejected.

They had proposed that Oppah Muchinguri Should be appointed as substantive Vice President until General Chiwenga recovers.

Mnangagwa’s proposed exit package, he is seeking among other things:
– the right to keep his farms and mansions, including his flagship Sherwood Farm in Kwekwe.
Mnangagwa is also asking for his business interests in the fuel sector, banking, mining, and mobile communications to be spared, the insiders said.