EXCLUSIVE! Zimbabwe Military Intelligence Alarmed by Secret G40 Meeting in SA

Zimbabwe Military Intelligence sources have told Gambakwe Media that G40 are meeting in South Africa today (24 September 2019).

The meeting has generated suspicion among the ED Mnangagwa Faction of ZANU PF, who suspect that G40 is regrouping in South Africa with General Chiwenga loyalists.

G40 is believed to have struck a deal with General Chiwenga Faction when Mugabe was just about to die.

Mugabe reportedly talked to both Saviour Kasukuwere and General Chiwenga before his death.

According to Spotlight Zimbabwe, Mugabe is said to have shared some secrets about ED Mnangagwa with the two men.

If G40 was to regroup with General Chiwenga Faction, this will split ZANU PF along tribal lines and weaken it.

The Sibanda clan is seen as having taken over in all aspects of Zimbabwe, while the Zezuru clan has been decimated and left Leader less.

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