Dr Peter Magombeyi Refusing to Talk To Military Intelligence

Our sources have revealed further details regarding the state of Dr Magombeyi

In a shocking twist, Dr Peter Magombeyi has been Refusing to Talk to Zimbabwe Intelligence officials who are holding him under heavy guard at a Harare Private Hospital.

Dr Magombeyi, who was Abducted by Zimbabwe Military Intelligence last week, has been denied permission to talk to the media.

Team Pachedu reported that Dr Magombeyi has extensive injuries and may never be able to have children again due to the Zimbabwe Military Intelligence practices of electrocution of the genit*ls.

Team Pachedu explains Dr Magombeyi injuries

ZANU PF media representatives, Kudzai Mutisi , tweeted that Dr Magombeyi should be arrested for failing to talk to Military Intelligence.

Kudzai Mutisi calls for the arrest of Dr Magombeyi

ED Mnangagwa and other Zanu PF officials have attempted to downplay the incident as a stage managed ploy by the USA who seek to tarnish the image of the Zimbabwe Government.

However, the US Embassy in Harare has called for the rule of law to prevail on Zimbabwe.

The US Embassy in Harare calls for return to rule of law


The police in Zimbabwe are inadequate to investigate as the Army is virtually in charge in Zimbabwe.

The SAS unit of the Zimbabwe Military has been linked to the abduction and it is unlikely that other units will investigate their own.

It remains to be seen in the next few days what happens.

The Doctors are still on strike and their salaries have not been increased since the Strike began. This means that hospitals in Zimbabwe remain without Doctors.

Junior Doctors in Zimbabwe still earn less than $100 and the situation is gettinh worse as the Zimbabwe RTGS Dollar continues to crash.