The Zaka East Bi-Election results latest.

The seat became vacant after the demise of Ringisai Gumbwanda of Zanu PF. Zanu Pf is contesting to retain the seat. Zanu Pf is being represented by Clemence Chiduwa whilst MDC is being represented by Derreck Charamba

Latest results for the Zaka Bi-Elections are as follows

Ward 30- Zanu PF  1012 , MDC 112

Chevhu -Zanu PF 279, MDC 6.

Chamburukira Zanu PF 245, MDC 20.

Vhurumuku Zanu PF 254, MDC 65.

Manyawi Zanu PF 189, MDC 30.

In Ward 25B, Zanu 521 ,MDC 23