OPINION! Dr Peter Magombeyi Likely Poisoned by Zimbabwe Military Intelligence

The Missing Dr Peter Magombeyi has finally been found. However, fears are that during the time he was missing he could have been drugged and poisoned.

Many Zimbabweans are celebrating the return of Dr Peter Magombeyi. Understandably, many never believed they would see him again.

Dr Magombeyi was found near Inkomo Barracks, Tortured and disoriented. He said in a phone call that he was Electrocuted repeatedly and there is a possibility that he has was Injected with unknown substance.

ZANU PF would like us to celebrate and say Dr Magombeyi has been found, let’s move on. This is not just laziness, but dangerous.

A thorough investigation needs to be done. Where was Dr Magombeyi these last 5 days?

Doctors are still earning $150. Will the Doctors get the US or linked salaries they are demanding or Will they now settle for less!?

Although Its clear that the pressure has worked, ZANU PF has been publicly embarrassed and will try to save face. The return of Dr Magombeyi does not make ZANU PF a better political party, instead it proves what we have been saying all along: ZANU PF is responsible for all the abductions taking place.

– The infrastructure for abductions is still very much alive. Masked men are still on the loose in Harare.
– Up to this day, Itai Dzamara has not been found.
– Multiple abductions have taken place this year. Including the attempted abduction of the Zina President at his home last week.

There is no doubt that we live in an abnormal society. Because for a Doctor to be missing for 5 days can never be normal!