In a Shocking turn of events, senior ZANU PF official Simon Khaya Moyo has called the disappearance of Dr Peter Magombeyi an Imagination.

Speaking to Journalists in Harare yesterday, Moyo said:

‘The Politiburo strongly condemns these imaginations’. He implied that the disappearance was meant to attract the attention of the UN General Assembly which will be held in New York Next week.

ED Mnangagwa is supposed to attend this meeting but is likely to be heavily criticized for his appealing human rights record.

Pupurai Togarepi, the ZANU PF youth leader said the MDC or the US Embassy have Dr Peter Magombeyi and should return him to his family.

These statements are unlikely to be believed by Zimbabweans as ZANU PF and the ED Mnangagwa Government have a long track record of abductions.