Apostle FP Kumbirai has slammed Apostle Talent Chiwenga for having the wrong doctrine.

1. Some of Chiwenga’s teachings do not align with the mission of God
2. Chiwenga must not rebuke other people saying they are not true servants of God
3. Followers of Pastors that Chiwenga is attacking see the work of God in those servants of God
4. Chiwenga claims to be the only true man of God in the world
5. Chiwenga has some marks of politics
6. Prophets of Death without solutions are empty
7. Chiwenga must pray for the ones who are in position, they were appointed by God
8. Everyone must obey state authority. He who opposes state authority opposes God
9. Chiwenga Should teach his people to respect Authority
10. Something is wrong with the Doctrine of Apostle Chiwenga
11. People don’t need to know whats wrong with the government
12. Chiwenga spends too much time in the Old testament where there are no Apostles
13. Chiwenga is more of a motivational speaker
14. Chiwenga is not following the whole bible
15. The Government is allowing Chiwenga to preach and he must be grateful