Press statement on the Abduction of ZHDA Acting President. Dr. Peter Magombeyi.

ZHDA a is shocked and concerned about the Abduction of our Acting President Dr. Peter Magombeyi Peter late last night Saturday 14 September 2019 at around 2200 hours. Doctor was abducted by three men who we suspect to be State security agents.

The abduction was preceded by numerous and enormous threats made to Dr. Magombeyi including for example a text message from 0786645911. Which read, “Usazoti I did not warn you. Ramba uchiita nharo. Uchatorwa nechampupuri. We are getting close now. (Translation: Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Carry on with the way you are acting and you’ll be abducted. We are getting close now.) ZHDA has been in ongoing negotiations with the state about doctors’ working conditions as we are currently incapacitated.

He was last heard from at 2219 hours on Saturday 14 September 2019 when he sent a WhatsApp message to ZHDA Junior Doctors WhatsApp Group, which read, “kidnapped by three men Fam 0715320465.”

Effort to reach his family on the aforementioned number and to reach, Dr. Magombeyi on his personal phone lines have been fruitless.

We demand to know where he is and his immediate release.

From ZHDA information desk.