Thokozani Khuphe Slams Nelson Chamisa in MDC-T 20 Years Anniversary Message


Today the MDC-T turns 20, and in the 20 years we have been travelling on a journey towards a
great and prosperous Zimbabwe, in which everyone will have a better life.

The last 20 years have not been smooth as we have gone through serious trials and tribulations. We
lost the beloved founders of our glorious movement in Hon Gibson Sibanda, Isaac Matongo,
Remius Makuwaza, Nicholas Mudzengerere, Dr Morgan Tsvangirai and many, many others.

Their legacy and memory is forever with us and we miss them a great deal.

Our movement was founded in 1999 on a strong foundation of constitutionalism and democracy,
underpinned by nonviolence, non-discrimination and peace.

It is a very sad reality that some of our members have chosen to deviate from our founding
principles, values and indeed from the character and culture of the MDC.

However we are proud
that we in the MDC-T, are still loyal and consistent to the founding values, principles, character
and culture of our movement.

In the last 20 years our fight for “Equal Opportunities for All’’, real devolution of power so there’s
equitable distribution of opportunity and resources has been an effort to “Build an Economy to
Support Transformation” for every citizen.

The outcome of the 2018 harmonised election were devastating for the country as it found itself in a
deeper economic and political crisis, and as a Party we had to choose between dialogue (POLAD)
or engage in an orgy of violence and carnage which has brought nothing but the death of innocent
citizens and destruction of private property and infrastructure which is critical in transforming the
economy to work for everyone.

In this dialogue as the servants of the people we are pushing for “Equal Opportunities for All” in
access to Education, Employment, and Health, Housing and Nutritious food.

We remain committed to deliver real change and a better life for every Zimbabwean.
Happy 20th Anniversary MDC-T