A claim had been made that Robert Mugabe should be laid to rest in Zvimba rural area amongst other chiefs as he is a chief also. This claim has been dismissed as a lie by Zenzele, a Bulawayo based journalist. This is yet another desperate bid by the Mugabe family which is trying to stop ED Mnangagwa from burying Mugabe at the Heroes Acre against his wish.

Writing on his twitter feed, Zenzele said, “Am seeing a number of stories talking about Mugabe as a chief in the Gushungo clan. As someone interested in history which house of Zvimba was his father born? #Asakhe. Gushungo ‘tsivo’ totem associated with the Zvimba clan is part of a cluster of totems of Budya/Mutoko (Mbire II) which are related to each other. So who is the incumbent Mugabe was supposed to replace or who took the chieftainship in place Mugabe”