Mliswa disses Jonathan Moyo.

A Twitter war is imminent between two former ZANU PF loyalists who have all gone rogue at different times.

Mliswa and Moyo who were once faithfuls under Mugabe’s administration might be headed for a showdown. Moyo who has now turned into a twar specialist with Mnangagwa, Priscilla Chigumba, Strive Masiyiwa, to name but a few has another blow coming.

Themba Mliswa had this to say to Prof.

For as long as @ProfJNMoyo comments on @edmnangagwa & @ZANUPF_Official noone’ll take him seriously. He’s a conflicted man touted as the “brains behind G40”& therefore an interested party.He’s emotional&his utterances need a pinch of salt. Being an academic I hope he realises this

Tweeps were quick to throw stones at him one user says

@ProfJNMoyo this guy has been looking for a fight with you in the past few weeks. He is bored and wants to remain relevant. Do you want to deal with him now or after the funeral???

Another one said

Being the brains he proved to everyone including showing that thug mugabe that his fellow young thugs were planning to coup him. Unfortunately the old mafia king pin was already too old to do anything. So don’t disrespect that prof, I’m not his fan but he played his part

We will see as days go by if the former Minister of Information and Publicity will respond.