A powerful Military Cartel has reportedly taken over and is in charge in Zimbabwe.

This follows the falling sick of General Chiwenga after suspected Poisoning.

According to my well placed sources in the Zimbabwe government, Mthuli Ncube is on the verge of running away from Zimbabwe out of frustration.

The main issue is that Mthuli Ncube does not have access to revenues from key minerals such as Diamonds and Gold.

My source claimed that if the leakage stop now, Zimbabwe will recover immediately.

It is said that Mthuli Ncube s wife and Children stays in Switzerland and this is one of the reasons why he has not brought them into Zimbabwe, opting instead to fly between Switzerland and Zimbabwe every 2 weeks.

My sources said anytime, Mthul Ncube could escape from Zimbabwe.

My sources say that every week, a fully loaded plane leaves the airport in Harare with these minerals without filling out any export CD declararion forms.

Once these minerals are exported, the money does not make its way back to Zimbabwe.

ED Mnangagwa is said to be afraid to confront this Military Cartel which used to  report directly to General Chiwenga.

It is suspected that most of these minerals end up in China where Zimbabwe Military Officials are not under Sanctions.

This is one of the key reasons why the US government has Slapped more Sanctions on key Military figures in Zimbabwe.