Mujuru’s daughter dies in car crash

The cancer activist Wellence Mujuru’s sister has passed away. The activist who is considered Joel Mujuru’s son who is elder brother to the late Solomon Mujuru Rtd Gen.

Announcing on his social media page Mujuru wrote

Today I have known pain I have never known in my life. It starts from the heart and aches through my whole body. I have lost my sister Mellisah Mujuru unexpectedly. My little shy away from everyone sister. A brutal fatal accident claimed her along Karoi road. You can never be prepared for death Especially for a 19 year old full of life girl. I will greatly miss our arguments fights. I feel robbed, i feel stabbed, I feel all the pain.. I love you Meme I will miss you my sister.

The state of Zimbabwe roads is clearly the cause of many fatal crashes. Two weeks ago, a top ZANU PF official was also involved in a horrible accident.