Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi Must Urgently Send Buses to South Africa

Most people do not know that a major humanotarian crisis is underway in South Africa.

Over 700 Zimbabweans, Mozambicans and Malawians are stranded living in shelters across Gauteng. Over the past week it has became clear that these people can no longer go back to the communities where they used to live.

So What is the difference between now and past attacks on foreigners?

Previously, there was no open leadership of the attacks. At present, there is an organised approach , its almost a military operation.

Hostel Dwellers in various places are spearheading these attacks. When they go into an area, they make sure no foreign national is left in that area. They are also recruiting young unemployed men to come out and march.

Previously, there was no marching or singing. This is almost like a new pressure group. What this means is that if foreign nationals try to go back, they will no longer be safe.

What is needed therefore, is for a high level government to government action plan. The South African government should admit that this is too big for them to handle.

Unlike in the past, the South African government must insist that countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi take undocumented citizens who are living in shelters.

How many buses are required.

Given the numbers in shelters:
Mozambique – 10 buses
Zimbabwe – 6 buses
Malawi – 1 bus

Neighboring Economies

The best way for foreign nationals to stay out of South Africa is for economies in their own countries to do well.

South Africa needs to play a bigger part in advising the governments of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. These are the biggest sources of illegal immigrants in South Africa.


South Africa also needs to tighten boarder controls and clamp down on corruption.
Most of the people who are in South Africa just walked across the boarders. They pay a few hundred rands to a Home Affairs Official and thats how they end up here without a cent to their names.


Immigration is a hot potato all over the world. What is happening now is irreversible in South Africa. I have been at the shelters this weekend and I speak from first hand experience.