While most people who had differences with Mugabe are burying the hatchet upon his death, Mawarire seems unrepentant on his hatred and bitterness towards Mugabe.

In a series of messages on his twitter account, Mawarire castigated Mugabe for many wrongs he did him including sending CIOs to his kids at school, threatening his pregnant wife.

Mawarire came under fire from Mugabe after successfully launched the ThisFlag movement which led to a massive stay away in Zimbabwe.

Mawarire actually celebrates the demise of Mugabe. In one emotionally packed message, Mawarire says ” In 2016, Mugabe threatened to have me killed and my response was “There are many things you have the power to do to us Mr President, but there are two things you have no power to stop. You cannot stop your sun from setting and mine from rising.