Exclusive: Jonathan Moyo Reveals 4 Big Lies Made By ED Mnangagwa In Japan

Proffesor Jonathan has no kind words for Mnangagwa reacting to the interview put up on Sunday Mail with the title “We are using our domestic resources”

Writing on his twitter account, Jonathan Moyo claims that ED Mnangagwa made 5 big lies in an interview at the sidelines of the TICAD meeting.

Here is the full thread.

1/5 This is the interview by Japan’s @Nikkei with Mnangagwa on the sidelines of the TICAD summit in Tokyo last week is a must read. It’s littered with falsehoods, misrepresentations, and confessions that the “new dispensation” rest on the same ground as the old!

2/5 Distancing himself from the November 2017 coup Mnangagwa told Nikkei that there is no difference between him and Mugabe whom he said “stepped down” & Zanu Pf elected him as a successor. He has forgotten that Zanu Pf central committee “elected” him on 19/11/17 & Mugabe resigned on 21/11/17

3/5 Aware of the illegitimacy of his presidency given the stolen 2018 presidential poll and the razor thin margin of the stolen result, Mnangagwa told Nikkei that he “won with over two- thirds majority in parliament- more than 140 seats against the opposition’s 60”. A new result!!

4/5 Mnangagwa grabbed power in a military coup on 15 November 2017 with a message that the economy had collapsed because of Mugabe’s old administration; now he says the economy collapsed 20 years ago because of “sanctions imposed on us by the West.” Same old Mugabe story, back again.

5/5 Mnangagwa told Nikkei that his administration removed the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act in October 2018, when that is in point of fact just how true. The “repeal and replace” process for indigenisation law was announced by Mthuli Ncube only last month.