EXCLUSIVE! Mugabe, Not ED Mnangagwa Released Tanyanyiwa George Chikanga

Speaking Exclusively to Gambakwe Media, one of the Children of Febbie Chikanga has revealed that stories about Febbie Chikanga being at the scence of the confrontation between ED Mnangagwa and Godfrey Majonga were false and Mischevious.

She also revealed that ED Mnangagwa played no part in the release of Tanyanyiwa George Chikanga.

When the story first broke, she directly contacted Geoffrey Nyarota, but he did not print a retraction. The journalist in this story was Pedzisayi Ruhanya.

She narrated that Febbie Chikanga was married to Kennedy Chikanga in Zambia and had 6 children together, George was the second

They moved to Zimbabwe in 1980 with all their children. Kennedy passed on in 1988/

Tanyanyiwa George Chikanga got into trouble as a teenager and at 17 he was arrested and was sentenced to 57 years.

His sentence was twenty years and other years were to run concurrently.

His mother wrote numeroud letters begging for a presidential pardon. After 7 attempts and 10 years later, it was granted by the former Mugabe without following any procedures.

The Children of Febbie Chikanga ara adamant that she never knew ED Mnangagwa, neither did George know him. Febbie never worked at Edgars Training Centre, She was never employed in her life, she worked with her husband and for herself when he passed. Febbie never lived in a flat in her life.

The question still remains? What really happened to Godfrey Majonga? Which Woman Was involved?