(Are members of this clique really above the law and immune from prosecution here in Zimbabwe?)

There is an all powerful clique in the J.S.C known as the UNTOUCHABLE ELITE 4 ( U.E.4 ).

This clique is known by many employees in the J.S.C , judges and magistrates included.

The U.E.4 runs J.S.C in a mafia style precisely they are criminals and sex addicts , they sleep with both married and unmarried women in the system and if say you are a woman and you become their target and you turn them down they will victimize you and eventually prefer trumped up misconduct allegations leading to one’s discharge in most cases or demotion or transfer to the remotest part of the country.

The U.E.4 also determines individuals who are fit and or ripe for elevation but not on merit of course but basing on loyalty,favouritism and nepotism and that explains why others are now preferring to call that clique CULTJSC4 because they are worshipped by many magistrates and other supporting staff given that anyone who cross their path is relegated from their system.

They call J.S.C their thing i.e CHINHU CHAVO.

These 4 guys are mighty and that explains why even the N.P.A (National Prosecuting Authority) , the Z.R.P (Zimbabwe Republic Police) or even Z.A.C.C ( Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission) have in the past deliberately deterred themselves to proceed against them regardless of the fact that there are a thousand dossiers with strong evidence linking them to serious allegations of corruption , bribery , abuse of office , under hand deals ,deliberately infecting subordinates with H.I.V/AIDS and externalisation of funds etc.

Witnesses are ready to testify against them but efforts being made by spirited progressive Zimbabweans to have these criminals brought to book are being blocked by one of the U.E.4’s Kingpin who occupies a very lucrative and strategic position in the J.S.C and of late they allegedly managed to capture the Honourable Chief Justice Malaba and that individual brags even during meetings with magistrates saying the C.J takes instructions from him and any dissenting voice in the system more particularly in the magistracy department will definitely be silenced and relegated we are not clear if that is the same approach they have towards judges.The trillion dollar question now is *who are the members of the U.E.4 or CULTJSC4?*

*The founder and leader of that clique is none other than the mighty *WALTER T. CHIKWANHA* , he claims that the C.J is his extension and there is nothing that the C.J can do to him because of the so-called role that Chikwanha played during the so called soft coup, the man can brag with all due respect.Maybe that explains why the C.J has failed in the past to have Chikwanha investigated for the allegations mentioned above.Chikwanha is the one who receives and blocks all the dossiers he has an interest in such that the writer can give the C.J the benefit of doubt because Chikwanha just like the devil is so cunning.

**The second member of* the clique is *MUNATO* *MUTEVEDZI* a.k.a *MIKE* *TYSON* for the simple reason that he is known in the J.S.C for using emotions when it comes to decision making and that is why the late *C.J Chidyausiku* once reminded him in one of the meetings they once had when he was the provincial head (Harare )that the system is bigger than him and is not run by emotions this was after Mutevedzi had influenced the then Chief Magistrate to prefer misconduct charges against one *NTOMBIZODZWA* *MAZHANDU* because Mazhandu had turned him down in the process labelling MUTEVEDZI a *sex pest* .Precisely he uses the system to fight his personal wars.His efforts to de-thrown *GUVAMOMBE* for now or in the near future could hit a brick wall if *GUVAMOMBE’s application to have his matter tried in the H.C is granted. *Chikwanha* and *Mutevedzi* had allegedly appointed and instructed one *COLLIATE* *NCUBE* (Reg.Mag.) to stage manage the whole GUVAMOMBE trial and convict but luckly *GUVAMOMBE* got wind of *CHIKWANHA* and *MUTEVEDZI’s* plan and approached the H.C seeking an order that he be tried by his seniors and not his subordinates.Chikwanha and Mutevedzi do not even trust each other when it comes to the issue of power so the plan was that they get rid of *GUVAMOMBE first and elevate *MUTEVEDZI* to that post. *CHIKWANHA* is on record saying that *SITHEMBINKOSI MSIPA(Acting deputy secretary) is not ambitious like *MUTEVEDZI and is therefore not a threat to CHIKWANHA’s post and that is why he is still deputizing *CHIKWANHA up to this day.More to follow on Iron Mike Tyson.

**The third member* of the clique is this so called cool guy but full of a bag of unbelievable tricks, surprises and is a pretence is one of his inner strength and he is non other than *SITHEMBINKOSI* *MSIPA.The man comes from Beit bridge and for the record he is a Venda and maybe that explains why he is not ambitious like the two mentioned above.He appears to be quiet but he is full of mischief and that is why he is part of this clique.He is known in J.S.C circles for elevating both his sister and wife to the positions of Regional Magistrates, more to follow on him.

**Lastly,* there is one *ELIJAH MAKOMO* who they refer to as *McGUYVER* or the *SPIN* *DOCTOR* because of his so called capabilities of silencing any dissenting voice perceived enemies.Whenever there is a threat in their way *MAKOMO* is the one who drafts misconduct charges against enemies of the clique.To me he is more of a coward and a boot licker that explains why during magistrates workshops or other special meetings he is always in the habit of showering praises and hero worshipping *CHIKWANHA, MUTEVEDZI* and *MSIPA* for him to remain relevant in that clique.Truly speaking he is just a pawn being used by the 3 above maybe for his prowess in coming up with misconduct charges against those condemned by the clique.What pains me the most is that he was allegedly assured and rewarded with the post of deputy chief magistrate by *CHIKWANHA* and *MUTEVEDZI* as a token of appreciation for what he did for the two when one of their underhand deals went sour and he had to go down for them.Had it not been that he was allegedly given the deputy magistrate interview questions prior to the interview by *WALTER CHIKWANHA* and *MSIPA* one *MZINGAYI P. MOYO* ( Filabusi Resident Magistrate ) was the one who was supposed to land that post I do not know what can be done in future to correct that anomaly because some well connected individuals (interviewees) are having an unfair advantage on others because CHIKWANHA, MUTEVEDZI and MSIPA are known for leaking interview questions before the interview to their own ‘subjects’ in the system and we can’t continue like this.


1) The following ladies were elevated to various posts at *WALTER* *CHIKWANHA* ‘s instance.They are all his girlfriends and or sex partners,surprisingly these women know each other i.e they are sleeping with the same man , this is gross.Sick as he appears to be these ladies because of protection and promotion issues still fall prey but they are likely going to learn the hard way in future that a healthy life is more precious than rubies or gold.Their names are as follows :

a) *Ross Dube* (former Resident Magistrate Hwange – elevated to the post of deputy master, Bulawayo High Court.

b) *Gloria Takundwa* ( Former resident Magistrate Beit-bridge)She was elevated to the post of Regional Magistrate even though at the time of the interviews she did not meet the requisite 10 years experience.Suffice to mention *CHIKWANHA* allegedly caused *MSIPA* to leak the interview questions and bang she was elevated.

c) *Charity Maphosa* ( The current provincial magistrate for Midlands province)She is expecting *CHIKWANHA* ‘s second child as she is currently pregnant again for him.She was appointed to the post of Provincial head in charge of Midlands under very unclear circumstances given that she was not from the word go part of the magistrates who had been shortlisted for that particular interview and just like *Gloria Takundwa* she arrived at the venue of the interview after 2 p.m way after other interviewees had been interviewed in the morning and she had to be given her own slot and from the way things were unfolding one participant said that it was obvious that she was going to land the post.

d) There is *Bianca* *Mkwande* a well known single mother in J.S.C circles who is friends with one Sofie Matimba.I am not going to say much about her but if you know you know.She became a surprise of the decade when she was elevated to the post of Regional Magistrate given that she is someone who is not that bright but there are pointers to the effect that there was a third force that helped her with the interview questions and that explains why she did so well than expected.

e *)Bongi Mkandla* ( She was a provincial magistrate stationed at Masvingo mag. court and she was elevated to the post of Reg. magistrate.Bongi and Ross Dube were friends but Ross was not aware that her friend was allegedly also being serviced by *CHIKWANHA* and Some few days before the reg.mag. interviews that were done beginning of this year the 2 had to revise the interview questions together but RossDube’s over confidence during the interviews left her with an egg on the face when 2 panellists ended up smelling a dead rat after she asked them as to when she was supposed to transfer her children from their old schools to their new schools way before even she was told that she was successful or not.

The list is endless.

2) *MUNAMATO* *MUTEVEDZI* a.k.a *Iron Mike Tyson*

a) *L.A Mungwari* ( she used to be the Provincial Head in charge of Manicaland before Mutevedzi flexed his muscle resulting in her being elevated to the office of Reg. mag.She is married but Mutevedzi had to bulldoze his way through even up to now they are still servicing each other.Married as she is but she is still vulnerable at the same time considering how forceful Iron Mike Tyson is if he targets someone he does not take a No for an answer.

b) *Vongai* *Muchuchutu* (Just trace the tremendous speed at which she was elevated then one can tell that there is a story behind a story.She is now married but *MUTEVEDZI* still feasts on her whenever he gets an opportunity to do so.She is vulnerable again because if she dares behave funny she knows that *Iron Mike* *Tyson* as is always the case will come up with flimsy misconduct allegations and cause a remote controlled kangaroo disciplinary committee to be appointed and sit

leading to her exit(discharge).Uncontrolled power corrupts.

P.S – Discharging perceived enemies or any dissenting voice is Mutevedzi’s known weapon.What a very clear abuse of J.S.C Regulations.

c) *Tracey Mundanga* (former Regional prosecutor)MUNDANGA wanted to jump the ship from prosecution to the Magistracy but MUTEVEDZI told her that he was able to assist by using his influence in the system but only on the usual and obvious condition,yes you guessed right, i.e sleeping with him but she refused and *MUTEVEDZI* had to influence the then Area Public Prosecutor to cause her to be arrested on flimsy allegations that she had under prosecuted a matter.Unfortunately MUNDANGA’s boss did not know that it was something personal and he had to act and she was harassed and maliciously prosecuted but thank God she was acquitted.

d) *NTOMBIZODWA MAZHANDU* ( Former Provincial Magistrate Harare) After she was maliciously transferred to Mutare she had to ask the then Chief Magistrate that she be transferred to Harare given that she was doing her masters at U.Z.At Rotten row *MUTEVEDZI* wanted to sleep with her but she turned him down and *MUTEVEDZI* came up with these malicious misconduct allegations , a remote controlled kangaroo disciplinary committee like is always the case was appointed and they wanted to sack her but she had to resign before the allegations were heard because an insider had advised her that the kangaroo committee was under clear instructions to humiliate and have her discharged. *What a* *bright mind that the* *system lost because of* *someone who is unable to discipline to his small fat manhood.

e) *Sofie Matimba* ( Former Magistrate cum lawyer)

f) *NOMA MAPHOSA( Former clerk of court -Bulawayo ) currently working in Gwanda.Mutevedzi started sleeping with her when she was still working at Tredgold in Bulawayo.Mutevedzi is currently in the process of having her elevated to the post of a Magistrate after undergoes some training in Harare late this year or early next year.

g) *Pathekile Msipa* ( her husband played a crucial role in her elevation and that is not in dispute but there is a time when the 2 were still in Bulawayo and having marital problems resulting in the wife having an underground affair with *MUTEVEDZI. It is MUTEVEDZI who was being referred to as a lawyer based in Harare.Pathekile made that confession to her then friends at Tredgold back in the day who went on to leak the information.What a sex pest we have in our midst.

h) *Kudzai Mumbengegwi* ( Deputy Registrar-Labour court) Just like in the above cases of Tracy Mundanga and Ntombizodzwa Mukondiwa, MUTEVEDZI ‘s sexual advances had to be spurned by her but no misconduct allegations whatsoever were brought against *MUTEVEDZI* , there is an urgent need to have rules, regulations and laws of the country applied on a non selectively basis without any fear or favour.The list is endless.


He is just like his 3 comrades , a sex addict at one point in time he had a four some with well known prostitutes from Avenues namely : *Cynthia , Channelle , Madam boss Kathy* and *a Rumbie* .The 4 are well known high profile prostitutes and they also brag that he pays good money and whenever they are in trouble he is always a stone throw away and ready to assist them.

b)The guy when it comes to women, is a shy guy and he prefers prostitutes and that explains why just like his fellow comrades he is now visibly ill. ******** case was a very unfortunate case and I hope the guy used protection because he does not enjoy putting on a condom.I hope the wife knows that the man has not yet reformed.That is why the clique is working flat out to have the charge of deliberately infecting a person with HIV/AIDS scrapped and declared unconstitutional.

4) *ELIJAH MAKOMO* a.k.a *McGuyver* or *Spin* *doctor* .Just like his fellow comrades he is also heartless and he does not respect the institution of marriage.He is a home wrecker as well.Back in the day when he was the Resident Magistrate in charge of Mbare he abused his power and fell in love with a married subordinate by the name VICTORIA MASHAMBA.MAKOMO is now the deputy Chief Magistrate and he is still sleeping with her regardless of the fact that she is legally married.Some people have guts and they are also disrespectful given that MAKOMO fathered one of the children.If Victoria Mashamba’s husband thinks that it’s a hoax I challenge him this day to go for a D.N.A test.One of the children is not his.His wife is another vulnerable victim but I don’t blame her but the system that protects sex vampires .These sex pests can make life miserable for these vulnerable woman and they tend to give in because of the issue of protection and promotion,simple.



(i)The Acting Secretary had several cases of corruption and underhand dealings complaints raised against him to Hon Chief Justice Malaba , the Prosecutor General, the Z.R.P and the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission but for unknown reasons nothing has been done.That on it’s own explains the notion that CHIKWANHA managed to capture even the Chief Justice who is now in the habit of seeing nor hearing any evil.

*We are not going to tire in raising these complainants up until our voices are heard* . *Ruby* *Auctions* complainant made in 2014 and resuscitated in 2017 against CHIKWANHA was swept under the carpet and never investigated even though there was and still is overwhelming evidence against CHIKWANHA and witnesses are also there and are ready to have him pinned for his actions.What we all know is that the system may try to frustrate us but there is a day that is coming when CHIKWANHA is going to be answerable for his actions.We arefrustrated but never demoralised

(ii) *Misuse of the V.F.C facility*

Walter Chikwanha and Munamato Mutevedzi in 2013 misappropriated funds or donations from Save the Children and Unicef.They were never investigated or brought to book but they are busy purging and firing subordinates for no apparent reason.There is dire need for these allegations to be investigated and let due process of the law take its course.

(iii)As a civil servant where did he get the money *to purchase a* *double storey residential property* in the affluent suburb of *Glen lorne* where a residential is at the very least pegged at US $ 70 000 let alone a complete structure, food for thought.

(iv) He has *another* *property in Southerton* valued at around *US $* *140 000*

(v)He owns a *state of the* *art beer hall in* *Rusape* valued at around *US $ 60 000*

(vi) He owns a farm with more than *150 herd of* *cattle* and his brother happens to be his front man.Is this man really a civil servant or what?

(vii) He owns *earth* *moving equipment* currently *valued at US $* *865 000* i.e excavators , graders , front end loaders , perry loaders , 34 tonne tippers , rollers , low beds , water tankers and bulldozers.

(viii) he is corruptly involved in the *appointment* *of* *auctioneers* in the sheriff’s office and he awards own shelf companies lucrative contracts to refurbish court rooms without following laid down J.S.C tender procedures.

(ix) Chikwanha and Mutevedzi have amassed wealth through *abusing the Sherriff ‘s office since 2013* by appointing companies linked to their relatives or friends to conduct sales of either valuable movables or immovables.

(x) Walter Chikwanha and his brother who is front man by the name Martin Chikwanha are *the owners of Hollands Auctioneers in Bulawayo* and it is known.Surely this is not proper because of the issue of conflict of interests but surprisingly to C.J Malaba it is business as usual

(xi) *Hollands Mutare is again wholly owned by Walter T. Chikwanha* but there is a white man who is Chikwanha’s runner or no. 9.When it comes to their dealings with the office of the sheriff , Martin Chikwanha is the one who runs the show on behalf of dirty Walter Chikwanha.The Chief Justice is aware that his acting Secretary is corrupt but again he acts as if he is working with a saint. *The trillion dollar question is why is it that Chikwanha appears to be the most powerful individual in J.S.C* and it seems no one can dare cause him to be indicted and account for his actions.

(xii) *Hollands Masvingo is Walter Chikwanha’s project* but he uses his brother Martin as his runner but overwhelming evidence is there to show that Walter Chikwanha is the man behind *TWO* *MZAYA t/a HOLLANDS.*

(xiii)Walter Chikwanha’s amaiguru i.e Martin Chikwanha’s wife has an auctioneering company by the name *TANTES AUCTIONEERING* in the city of Gweru.Walter Chikwanha in 2016 had to flex his muscle and he un procedurally appointed it to the Sheriff’s panel of auctioneers.This isbanother clear case of abuse of office which like other cases ought to be investigated.From the evidence that was gathered by this investigator it is actually Walter Chikwanha and his brother Martin who are beneficiaries and not Martin’s wife who is just a pawn.

(xiv) Walter Chikwanha also drives material and financial benefits from *DREW and FRASER AUCTIONEERS* , a company which belongs to Walter Chikwanha but fronted by her relative by the name *Euphrasia* *Mupedzisi.* For ease of reference one is drawn to Walter Chikwanha’s *Z.B* and *MBCA* accounts.The rot is so deep such that if the Auctioneering companies indicated in this paper are audited *Chikwanha will go down in jail and in the history of J.S.C and Zimbabwe as a whole as the most corrupt* *Secretary ever.* More to follow in our next publication, for the record we are not going to rest until members of the U.E.4 or CULTJSC4 are brought to we shall keep on digging naming and shaming them until relevant authorities act on these criminals in suits.

P.S Some of the Auctioneers mentioned above were immediately closed when dossiers of Walter Chikwanha ‘s impropriety continued to filter in but that is not going to defeat the course of justice when the time comes.One day members of the U.E.4 or CULTJSC4 are definitely going to be made to account for their actions and their ill gotten wealth during their tenure in office.

(2) *MUNAMATO MUTEVEDZI a.k.a IRON MIKE TYSON* (Acting Chief Magistrate) , the over zealous and over ambitious one.

(i)My sincere prayer to God is He thwarts his plans with CHIKWANHA of de-throwning his predecessor given that already he has started purging his perceived enemies and he can not control his demon of vengeance* ,I am told that it is every Magistrate’s sincere hope and prayer that they either get Guvamombe back or a different substantive Chief Magistrate preferably a lady and not this blood thirsty power hungry psycho.Mutevedzi is a well known criminal masquerading as an Acting Chief Magistrate and for the record it is not even an insult but rather an assault to logic and the J.S.C family as a whole to allow him even to just act as such.Most of his misdeeds have been outlined as the writer was addressing Chikwanha’s ill gotten wealth but for the sake of completeness of this paper I will add more. *Hon. Makarau J.A*look at what your predecessor Chikwanha and his band wagon of criminals have done to the empire and legacy that you had built and left them but these mafias in suits have killed the once vibrant system because of power and greed.Standards are no longer the same and are falling as each day passes.You are dearly missed because every home needs a mom.

(ii)Mutevedzi in a corrupt manner acquired *stand no. 13875* *Galloway park* , *Norton* from a well known *fraudster* by the name *JEMINA GUMBO* he went on to develop the stand and he is now staying there.This all happened when Iron Mike Tyson was the **Provincial* *in *Charge.* *Harare* .He developed the stand in a very short space of time.There was an outcry but the matter was never investigated and swept under the carpet.We are cursed as a country and that explains why we are being led by criminals in suits.Mutevedzi and Chikwanha are Chikurubi and Khami bound , the system is going to eventually spit them out, continue watching the space , alternatively if that does not happen a different administration will cause them to account for their actions and that day is coming.

(iii) *Instructs subordinates to handle matters in a particular manner* and if one refuses to be remote controlled one is either transferred to very remotest areas or discharged through their kangaroo disciplinary committee, a case of interest is that of a *Mr* *Mawere (former Magistrate Chitungwiza)* who was personally called and instructed by Mutevedzi to convict all accused persons who had taken part in the protest that had rocked the country beginning of the year but he went on to acquit some of them because there was no evidence incriminating them and he was punished for dissent and was transferred with immediate effect to Binga but the young man was left with no option but to leave the system abruptly.

P.S linked to the above case of abuse of power is the recent case of Esigodini Resident Magistrate who is having a nasty fight with all the 4 members of the U.E.4.He is currently enrolled for his M.B.A degree at N.U.S.T and all the 4 members of the U.E.4 are aware of it but in a bid to frustrate him simply because in one of the meetings that was held at Rainbow towers earlier this year he was over heard by one of the members of the clique saying that J.S.C standards were deteriorating on a daily basis because there is no transparency and accountability in the way the system is being run by those in the secretariat and that is a fact but when that information got into the ears of all the four members of U.E.4 they did not take it likely and they took it personal and took offence.It reminds me of that old adage that says an old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb. They thought that he was going to be convicted on trumped up charges of kidnapping and assault but he was discharged at the close of state case and that when they transferred him to Rusape with immediate effect regardless of the fact that he is a scholar finishing his studies in November this year.He was suspended twice this year and had his salary cut from rtgs $2000 to rtgs $ 189.After challenging his transfer in the H.C, misconduct charges were preferred as is always norm when one beg to differ with that clique. The U.E.4 came up initially with 6 counts of trumped up misconduct charges before they were reduced to 4.They went on as is always the case to appoint a remote controlled kangaroo disciplinary committee which went on to deliberate on the allegations in the absence of the spirited firebrand Magistrate or his legal team of 3 lawyers.Mutevedzi was one of the witnesses.It is clear from the information we got that Walter Chikwanha and Munamato Mutevedzi had to instruct the deputy Registrar Bulawayo to release a copy of the urgent chamber application that the Magistrate’s lawyers had made challenging the timing of the disciplinary proceedings given that there was a pending review challenging the Rusape transfer before the same court.Surpringly Chronicle was given the order a day before the hearing and it had to run a story to the effect saying that the urgent chamber application was dismissed but to the lawyers the deputy Registrar kept on insisting that the order was not yet out.When the Registrar eventually released the order around past 11 a.m , the Magistrate’s lawyers rushed to Esigodini but they discovered that the kangaroo court had sit and deliberated on the matter regardless of the fact that the lawyers had phoned the Acting Resident Magistrate advising her to advise the kangaroo disciplinary committee that they were on their way .Surely it is against the principles of natural justice , audi alterem rule and the right to a fair trial before an independent and impartial body as enshrined in our Constitution that the Esigodini Magistrate was made to appear before a kangaroo disciplinary committee appointed and taking instructions from Chikwanha and Mutevedzi , the end result was highly probable it is therefore aptly clear that they want to silence the vocal Magistrate through a discharge that is where all this is leading to. *Is this click not taking it too far i.e suspending and* *causing disciplinary proceedings on trumped up allegations to be conducted when the members of the U.E.4 were all aware that their subordinate was on indefinite sick leave.(WAS IT PROPER TO SUSPEND A SUBORDINATE WHO IS CURRENTLY ON SICK LEAVE AND CONDUCT TRUMPED UP DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS IN HIS ABSENCE AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE THE FORMER SECRETARY AND THE SUSPENDED CHIEF MAGISTRATE I AM ADVISED ARE ALL AWARE OF THAT MAGISTRATE’S MEDICAL CONDITION AND I AM ALSO ADVISED THAT THERE IS ALSO CONCRETE EVIDENCE TO THAT EFFECT. The whole country is watching with keen interest.* The Kezi magistrate was also recently suspended by Mike Tyson in a bid to impress and to show his superior a fellow criminal(Walter Chikwanha) that he is the right candidate to take over from Guvamombe.The Kezi magistrate suspension is being stage managed in a bid to make it appear as if Mutevedzi is a criminal (man) on a mission and to try to mislead the whole country that the Esigodini Magistrate suspension was not personal.I bet my last cent that if that Magistrate appears before an independent tribunal being chaired by an either an Administrative,Labour or High Court judge all those misconduct allegations will be thrown away.Educate me on this one what criteria was used in appointing Mutevedzi as the Acting Chief Magistrate.It was going to have had made a lot of sense if one of the three Senior Regional Magistrate namely MUJAYA, UTAHWASHE or ZUYU had been appointed to that post and and not a well known criminal like Munamato Mutevedzi who is just lucky for now to be out of prison but time will tell if he is going to be able to keep on postponing his inevitable beckoning jail time.

(iv *)Misuse of V.F.C* funds together with Chikwanha(This has been addressed under Chikwanha)Surely how can one be heartless to an extent of squandering funds meant for vulnerable minors who are victims of mainly sexual abuse.Surpringly like is always the where these 2 are involved , the matter was swept under the carpet and never investigated.

(v)In 2011 he was video recorded and photographed at a service station by the complainants *discussing with an accused person a pending matter no* *misconduct charges were preferred against* him but he keeps on being elevated and being rewarded for being corrupt.That is why the masses have lost confidence in the J.S.C more particularly the Magistracy as a department.

(vi)Mutevedzi is also a *silent partner in one of the companies he co- own with a Gweme of the Real Estates Council of Zimbabwe* and they make a killing whenever it is their turn to sell both movable and immovable properties and explains why he leads an expensive life.More to follow but be rest assured that we are going to name and shame them until relevant authorities act reasonably because we are tired of that , no one is above the law mantra.

3 *STHEMBINKOSI MSIPA(Acting dep* uty secretary)

(i)He is married to *PATHEKILE MSIPA* who is also corrupt just like the husband, and for that very reason it runs in the family.His wife is the former Provincial Head In Charge of Midlands but she was recently and with the help of her husband elevated to the position of a Regional Magistrate based in Gweru.All these years she was not eligible because she was not a holder of a law degree.Upon graduating with UNISA she was elevated there is there without any delay because the husband as a deputy secretary can access interview questions willy nilly.That explains why Sthembinkosi elevated his sister *SIBONGILE* *MSIPA* to the same post before doing so to his wife.What amazed some of the interviewees who attended the same interview with her is the way she was bragging and boasting that the post was hers.We can not continue in this day and age having the highest level of nepotism like this.Interview questions are leaked to family,friends and girlfriends.Deserving individuals are left out.You can not compare Bianca Mkwande , Gloria Takundwa, Bongi Mkandla, Pathekile Msipa , Sibongile Msipa , Ross Dube just to mention but a few to one *Mr Philemon* ( former resident magistrate – Plumtree , he is very intelligent but maybe he is not a boot licker that is why they are always not promoting him.These criminals devised a way of silencing him by appointing him the Provincial Head In Charge of Mat. North , my message to him is that he is worth more than that and MUTEVEDZI and CHIKWANHA’s concubines or side chicks do not deserve where they are.Never give up.

P.S – There is a matter where Pathekile Msipa fraudulently wedded the bride alone in the absence of the groom who at the time was in U.K and that matter came to light when the bride after having a quarrel with the groom went berserk and raised alarm with the Bulawayo C.l.Ds.Investigations were not finalised in that matter because all of a sudden she was elevated to the post of Provincial Magistrate in charge of Midlands and recently she was appointed a Regional Magistrate.DOES THE J S.C CONDONE SUCH MAL-PRACTICES AND WHY IS IT THAT THE SYSTEM TEND TO PROTECT WELL KNOWN CRIMINALS AND REWARD THEM WITH PROMOTIONS?It is very sad that we have a system that condones corruptions.

(ii)He is *in the habit of getting kickbacks from the so called friendly companies* after awarding them contracts.His main client is a company by the name G-Star Pvt Ltd which is given all jobs at the 4 High Courts in return for kick backs, check for yourself J.S.C records and that explains why these men can afford to fly and have holidays outside the country.Some very ‘clever’ civil servant are living large.

(iii) Sometimes the same company mentioned above trades as FALCON PVT LTD it is not a coincident that same members of staff appear to do the job regardless of whether G-STAR or FALCON wins a tender.We are a cursed nation being led by crooks in suits disguising as heavenly sent leaders.

(iv)The Registrar, his deputies, Administration managers take instructions from him and no one dare opposes him otherwise you will end up being demoted or discharged as members of the U.E.4 do not entertain any dissenting voice.More to follow on Msipa in our next dossier, one day we are going to be heard.

4) *ELIJAH MAKOMO* he is the U.E.4 ‘s Spin doctor or McGuyver they believe that he is a fixer.

(i)He is corrupt to the bone and after conniving with IGNITIUS CHOMBO, the former minister to handle in a particular fashion or manner a matter involving a certain former Bindura Mayor , just like Mutevedzi in that Norton stand saga, Makomo was given a stand in Chishawasha hills by Chombo.What message are these criminals in suit sending to the rest of the country pertaining J.S.C. A strong message needs to send to the perpetrators and those contemplating in engaging in such criminal activities.

(ii) In 2015 when he was still a Regional Magistrate and as he was handling the case of *S v* *MUNAVA* and at Rotten Row he received a sum of *US $ 8000 in cash from an Indian guy by the name Savaniah* to twist the evidence and decide the above matter in a particular manner and he did so.The allegations were brought to Guvamombe ‘s attention and no action whatsoever was taken and the matter was swept under the carpet.Today he is the current Deputy Chief Magistrate who like mentioned above was rewarded for taking a bullet for Chikwanha and Mutevedzi in the past and it explains why he benefited from that *Q.B.I.S* (Questions Before Interview Scheme) widely practiced in J.S.C circles.

More to follow on these criminals in suits.







FAVOURITISM have eroded confidence in the J.S.C, more particularly from the secretariat going down.It is our since hope that the relevant authorities are going to look into all the above cited cases and bring to book deserving culprits.CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME and for that reason J.S.C is the whole country’s home and other areas do follow.

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