December 25, 1977 in
Muzarabani in Mashonaland Central Province in Zimbabwe.

Mother – Lilian Makandiwa

Makandiwa grew up to become one of the most influential millionaires in Zimbabwe

Currently resident in
Harare, Zimbabwe.

He is the senior Pastor , prophet and founder of United Family International Church.


Parents Lilian Makandiwa (Mother)
Spouse Ruth Makandiwa
Children (2) Emmanuel Jr, Victor

Senior Pastor and Prophet

Education and early life.

His family earned a living through farming.
Both his parents were elders in the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe Church in Muzarabani.
He attended Zengeza High School in Chitungwiza for his secondary education.
After completing his secondary education, he returned to Muzarabani to help his family till the land .

He became a pastor in the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) Church in his early life and in 2000 attended The Living Waters bible college where he graduated in theology.

He was a student pastor to AFM president Aspher Madziyire.

There has been controversies about his departure from AFM with the most prominent being his source of healing power.

Makandiwa has been in the media limelight with his controversial miracles ranging from manhood enlargement to changing people’s HIV statuses among others with the miracle money and gold rain being responsible for getting the nation’s attention 3 years prior to his establishment with long time friend Eubert Angel.

He has also been accused of faking miracles with Zimeye’s Simba Chikanza taking the lead on quest to label him as a fake prophet.

He has also been in and out of court with the most recent being dragged by a couple which accused him of misleading them into making a poor financial decision based on his prophetic advice.

He has also given many prophecies of national concern starting from poisoning of the current President Of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa by ice cream to the appearance of SB Moyo in army uniform on TV during the November 2017 coup not coup.


Apart from being a Pastor , Emmanuel Makandiwa is also a businessman. In the last quarter of 2014, it was rumored that Makandiwa purchased a gold mine from a Chinese firm, Ming-Chang for US $1,3 million which he was given by a certain local bank.A consortium company trading under the name Havilah Gold is also believed to belong to Makandiwa as it is run by a group of directors who are all members of Makandiwa’s church. Makandiwa uses the Sterkinekor’s franchise locally and in Zambia.

Philanthropic work

UFIC is led by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is also widely known charity work countrywide through the Agape Family Care which drives charity work, an initiative of Prophet Makandiwa’s wife, Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa.In 2017 they donated food aid to the flood stricken residents of Beitbridge in the limpopo flood and in 2019 they also donated to the Cyclone Idai Victims in Manicaland among others