Traditional Herbs From Zimbabwe For Women Now Available in South Africa


A South African based business is supplying packaged traditional Zimbabwean herbs that has been used by women for centuries. Each bottle is selling for R100 excluding Courier fees. The contact number is +27 63 885 7722 by Whatsapp only.

The following herbs are available in powder form:


For stomach pain and cramps, beneficial for the bones, skin and muscles. The powder or bark is considered to be treatment for haemorrhoids. Is a great aid in preventing weakness and fatigue.Umganu powder is extracted from the barks of the Amarula tree. You soak the barks/powder in water overnight and drink either hot or chilled.

The powder is from the Amarula fruit which is extremely rich in vitamin C, with a content eight times higher compared to an orange, but is also a major source for other bioactive compounds such as antioxidants and oleic acid. The nuts also have a high nutritional content and are rich in natural protein and essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron and copper.
Directions for Use.

Soak in boiling water overnight and drink or simply add to your favourite hot beverage and drink.

Intolwane/ Ndorani

Intolwane powder is extracted from the roots of a plant and in its raw form looks like a potato. The roots are crushed into a powder.

Intolwane is a natural herb which is used as a traditional remedy for a wide range of human diseases and ailments including dermatological diseases, gastrointestinal system, stomach disorders, sexual dysfunction, menstrual disorders, and rheumatic conditions.

Ntolwane is best for the ladies in that it warms up the body, is a great energy supplier and also spices up one’s sex life.
The medicinal application of the plant includes using the root as a remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea, stopping bleeding, treating intestinal disorders, haemorrhoids and heart ailments.

Directions for use

Add to your favourite porridge, yoghurt, add to boiling water and let soak for a while or add to your favourite hot drink.


Umgugudu (Cassine matabelica) herb is used for a strengthening the body, particularly the spine, (iqolo) (musana). As the spine is frequently referred to when speaking about sexual stamina, particularly of men, the herb may be used to increase their sexual stamina and pleasure (male and female sexual stamina and pleasure).
The roots and stem bark have medicinal ailments for treating: – fevers, aphrodisiac, diarrhoea, and tightens vaginal muscles.

Directions For Use

Soak mgugudu in hot water and drink, can also be added to your favourite beverage or simply add to porridge or stew.


A common shrub in Southern Africa. The bark and roots of the plant have medicinal properties that treat different ailments such as Inyongo, headaches, diarrhoea, constipation and skin diseases.

Powdered bark is used for dressing ulcers.
The stem bark contains histamine or chemically related substance responsible for lowering high blood pressure.

Directions For Use

Soak in boiling water overnight and drink. For ulcers and wounds mix powder with olive oil and apply to wound.