Stunning Emmanuel Makandiwa Prophecy – Nelson Chamisa Not Next Zimbabwe President

Gambakwe Media Regularly Receives Information from different people.

In this pack, I received an Emmanuel Makandiwa Audio and Interpretation that I would like to share with you.

The sender explained that this prophecy can be interpreted as follows:

If you listen, he says “everyone in Zimbabwe thinks he can rule Zimbabwe… all of us here you can rule this country but I don’t think for more than a year, it will simply a transition…”
There he meant ED who was going to be the President and “not more than a year” it means after the Elections when his term begins.

You also hear him saying, “there is person you are not even aware of…” and that cant be Chamisa coz in 2017 paakataura he was well known. We can’t say Chamisa is not well known.
He also says, “if I here and begin to talk about another party that you know nothing about, you will start to wander, what is he talking about..”
This means the appointed won’t come from MDC or ZanuPf.

In short, he is saying chaos will usher in the appointed. That’s why Chamisa is afraid to start a demo coz it’s creating opportunity for the new vessel.