MDC National Spokesman Daniel Molekele says he Will today release a Press statement advising on the next steps as far as their demonstrations planned for the 16th of August are concerned.

ED Mnangagwa will see allowing such demonstrations or marches as risky as there are many interested parties that could infiltrate such demonstrations.

The situation in Zimbabwe is too volatile and unstable.


Nelson Chamisa is looking for Dialogue. He does not want confrontation with ED Mnangagwa. Nelson Chamisa has stopped claiming that ED Mnangagwa is not the president of Zimbabwe. He wants to move forward.

Nelson Chamisa wants some form of power sharing agreement.


ED Mnangagwa is aware that the sanctions need to go and he needs Nelson Chamisa. However, this means removing the military from government. Without removal of the US sanctions, there will be no economic revival in Zimbabwe.

My Predictions

As we move towards the 16th of August, ED Mnangagwa will approach Nelson Chamisa with an offer for Dialogue.

Nelson Chamisa will be relieved if such an approach is made and will go into dialogue with ED Mnangagwa. Nelson Chamisa is secretly hoping that the Marches or demonstrations will flop so that he can show he supporters that he tried.