Why Nelson Chamisa’s Next Move is Most Critical – By Tafadzwa Sambiri


The next move

The start of August was a tough one for Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Nelson Chamisa. The party lost all three recent By-Elections in July and August 2019, of most significance being
the Lupane East House of Assembly seat which was retained by ZANU-PF on 3 August.

The party’s restive supporters took to social media attacking the party’s poor rural strategies, but this was not the first attack. Since September 2018 supporters have been demanding a signal from the leadership.


Fast forward a year after the 2018 elections, the MDC leadership has loaded a signal to be released on the 16th of August 2019 as per papers filed to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) by Organising Secretary Amos Chibaya. Will it be a Stay away, Street protests or a march? If a march, where will the supporters march to? State House or Munhumutapa Offices?


In a country like Zimbabwe,with a 90% rate of unemployment, A stay-away will not work. Additionally, the new Zupco buses will be used to ferry people to work for next to nothing.

Zimbabwe has since passed days of the working class and is now in the age of the vendor class.

These are people that hussle for their families every hour every minute and will not have the luxury of staying off the streets. They too love to be part of it, but it would mean no dinner on the table come 7pm.


In January 2019 the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) called for a 3 day Stay away supported by #ThisFlag leader Pastor Evan, as many will recall this ended up being a week long protest not a stay-away. The very vendors could not stay indoors but took to the streets as this is what they believe in.

With it’s massive pulling power, even the MDC will fail if it were to call for a stay away, there is nothing to stay away from as people long lost jobs.


A viable option is a peaceful protest such as the one in Hong Kong. This will mean the party mobilizing it’s massive support base to protest in front of Munhumutapa offices or Ministry of Finance Offices demanding the ED admin to address the country’s economic challenges in 14 days failure of which they will come back camp again until the entire Government resigns.


Need I remind you that the reason why people took to the streets in November 2017 was for Mugabe to step down as he had failed the economy. Chris Mutsvangwa even said Mugabe and the
G40 should step down as they had failed the economy, if it happened to Mugabe it can happen to ED also.

Protests should be peaceful and the party needs to ensure infiltrators do not come in and take advantage.

The best way to protect against infiltrators is to give supporters tags as this will make them identifiable and anyone who acts contrary be dismissed from the crowd.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe allows peaceful protests and it is our right to camp at Munhumutapa Offices. This is the best option the people have of getting ED out.


A simple march around the CBD of Harare will not yield much result as the situation requires a different tactic from 2018 ZEC demos. It is time to unleash the Itayi Dzamara spirit and Occupy Munhumutapa Offices.