Foundations of a Strong Marriage – Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa


Written by Tatenda Chigugudhlo

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa pours out his heart when doing what he was called to do.His ability to answer every question to the satisfaction of everyone makes me wonder whether he still fits into the category of man or a supernatural being .

I know this will raise eyebrows but the level that he explains God and the will of God makes him an answer himself. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa,has gone beyond the level of a Prophet, he hears God in an unusual manner,.

Marriages have been healed because of his rare type of wisdom. Long lost relationships have been revived, families have been reunited all because of the Sunday Morning couple’s services.


In this sermon, Prophet Makandiwa deliberated on the importance of building marriages on the right foundation . He explained how many people are crying because of something they are calling marriage when in actual fact it is not there.

Bride Price

He indicated that according to our customary law the bride price has to be paid before two people start living together. If this procedure is not followed then one cannot call it marriage.

He explained that it is something which was designed by God to be naturally enjoyed. Any form of pain is the hand of the enemy which has invaded the marriage and has to be dealt with accordingly. Couples need that moment of pleasure, that is the reason why they are together, he added. The prophet of God explained that God values this moment that is why He says if a man and women be together they are one flesh, it is at this time when the two are inseparable.

Women were taught to put themselves under their husbands despite their level of earnings or what they are bringing on the table. He taught that marriages are institutions started and ordained by God. He added that it was God who made the man the head, hence favour and happiness follow those that respect the law of the Lord.

Respect and Trust
The Prophet of God emphasised that relationships are based on trust and respect. Trust is built over years and that can be maintained in a Godly environment. Partners ought to respect each other and never allow other people to enjoy what God has ordained for their marriages. He also taught that divorce in marriages is initiated the day that a wife or husband cheats on his/ her partner.

#May God bless marriages #