EXCLUSIVE! General Chiwenga To Be Returned To Zimbabwe As Chinese Treatment Makes Little Difference

General Chiwenga To Be Returned to Zimbabwe


Reliable Sources have said that General Chiwenga will soon be moved back to Zimbabwe en route to either Russia or South Africa for Treatment as the Chinese treatment has made little difference.

Zimbabwe Embassy Officials and Family members have been unable to to access General Chiwenga Since he moved to China. Chinese Military Officials are unlikely to allow members of the family members to visit General Chiwenga at a military hospital where he is being treated for Security reasons.

A Source in China explained that Chinese medicine is not advanced enough and General Chiwenga has likely been receiving herbal treatments to detox him. It is also possible that he could receive a liver transplant, however, this might be dangerous if he is in such a weakened state.

Officials in Zimbabwe are now reportedly focusing on finding a way to move forward with massive jostling and campaigning already underway within ZANU-PF to replace General Chiwenga

General Chiwenga’s illness presents an opportunity for ED Mnangagwa to reconfigure his government and remove the military from the Presidency with the hope of having the ZIDERA sanctions removed.

ED Mnangagwa is likely to use the gap created by the departure of General Chiwenga to create a Government of National Unity with Nelson Chamisa. This will depend on what happens in the next two weeks when Nelson Chamisa and the MDC are expected to call for a Demonstration in Harare.

Nelson Chamisa and ED Mnangagwa are both stuck in a difficult position, as the Zimbabwe economy continues to slide into Hyperinflation and Nelson Chamisa ‘supporters are increasingly seeing him as weak and indecisive.

A negotiated settlement, one in which both Nelson Chamisa and ED Mnangagwa enter into a mutual power sharing agreement will please western governments and unlock foreign funding and investment and will be a relief to long suffering Zimbabweans.

However, the military in Zimbabwe have a long history of interfering in politics and are unlikely to let go easily. General Chiwenga was seen as the clear next leader that would tighten the military’s grip on Zimbabwe’s politics.


General Chiwenga is unlikely to return to work as he has been sick for too long. The next 4 weeks will be critical in Zimbabwean politics and we will likely see major events occurring in Zimbabwe during this period.