Why Nelson Chamisa Will Replace General Chiwenga As Zimbabwe Vice President

I have spent a number of days looking at the possible replacements for General Chiwenga. Zimbabwe is so militarized that it is impossible for the opposition to take over from ZANU-PF without first reforming the Military.

The only way for Nelson Chamisa to take over is with assistance from outside Zimbabwe. It has to be a managed transition. The truth is that Nelson Chamisa himself and the people in Zimbabwe can not do it alone as the Army will crush them.

The Military and Ruling Class in Zimbabwe is a tightly knit group, from the liberation struggle and from family ties. They will not be dislodged without a clear strategy.

Nelson Biography

Born on 2 February 1978, Buhera

– Bachelor’s degree in political science and public administration
– LLB (Honours) from the University of Zimbabwe.

Degree In Pentacoastal Theology – Living Waters Bible College

Career History


Member of the Zimbabwe Parliament from Kuwadzana After the Death Learnmore Judah Jongwe

MDC spokesman – June 2006.

Organizing Secretary at the Party’s congress in Bulawayo

13 February 2009 – 31 July 2013
Minister of Information Communication Technology of Zimbabwe

2014 – Present
Atherston and Cook since November

16 July 2016
Appointed Co-Vice President with Elias Mudzuri and Thokozani Khuphe

President of Movement for Democratic Change
February 2018 – Present


There are three major obstacles for Nelson Chamisa:

– He lacks experience in Government and in business and does not have a base in Government
– He is unwilling to use protests as a tool for removing ZANU-PF further confusing his supporters
– He is not able to create alliances

I want to end with an Illustration:
In the 2018 Presidential elections, ED Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa were seperated by 32 000 votes. Thokozani Khuphe has 45 000 Votes. If Nelson Chamisa had created an Alliance with Khuphe he would have won forced a run-off! After that who knows what would have happened.

Taking hard positions looks good at a Rally, or during a speech. But the soft art of