Why ED Mnangagwa Will Not Replace General Chiwenga With Perence Shiri


General Chiwenga is unlikely to replace General Chiwenga with Perence Shiri as expected by many in Zimbabwe Government and Military Circles.

Chief Air Marshal Perence Shiri has a colourful History: His real Name is Big Boy Chikerema and he was born on 11 January 1955. He is a cousin to Robert Mugabe and is nicknamed Black Jesus due to his Ruthlessness.

Perence Shiri is currently Zimbabwe Minister of Agriculture responsible for Command Agriculture. He was Commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe until 1 December 2017 When he was appointed by ED Mnangagwa after the Coup.

He was promoted from Air Marshal to Chief Mashal on Retirement in December 2018.


1983 and 1984

Commander of the Fifth Brigade that killed over 20 000 people in Matabeleland and Midlands between


Shiri was granted a place at the Royal College of Defence Studies in London.


Shiri was appointed as the commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe, taking over from Air Chief Marshal Josiah Tungamirai.


Shiri was reported to have organised farm invasions by war veterans


Succeeded Josiah Tungamirirai, A Karanga, who died of poisoning.


Shiri was ambushed on 13 December 2008, while driving to his farm.

– In October 2013, Shiri’s son, Titus Takudzwa Chikerema, died aged 21.

– Shiri was in command of the Zimbabwean troops in the DRC

– Shiri likely to be passed over again for promotion to VP
– First reason is the Zezuru factor. The Shumbas will not allow the presidency t fall into the hands of the Zezurus.
– Massacres in Matabeleland and Chiadzwa
– Close relationship with General Chiwenga