Official General Chiwenga Announcement Imminent


Genet Chiwenga, ZImbabwe Vice President and Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces who has been ill for the last year has Reportedly suffered multiple organ failure.

Sources indicate that an Official Announcement is imminent by the Zimbabwe Authorities.

This signals the end of the General Chiwenga Era and has implications for business, Intelligence Serviced and the army.

Oppah Muchinguri or SK Moyo are likely to replace General Chiwenga ad ED Mnangagwa will move to appoint a Vice President that does not have his own power base.

The biggest complication in Zimbabwe appears to be the lower ranks of the military who now earn the equivalent of 50 USDollars. This makes them a threat to ED Mnangagwa.

ED Mnangagwa is therefore concerned about the possibility of spontaneous demonstrations by the public as the economy continues to collapse.