Is General Chiwenga Still Alive, Mahere 3 months Pregnant , ED and Valerio Blood Brothers?


Ridiculousness July 2019

Various Sourced have provide information that is difficult to verify. Some of it is so ridiculous I am not sure how to handle it. So I just give it to you for interest sake.

  1. Someone claims that General Chiwenga died on Monday 22 July 2019. Is this true or False?
  2. Is Advocate Fadzayi Mahere 3 Months pregnant with Nelson Chamisa’s Child? Is it possible given that Nelson Chamisa is a Pastor and Advocate Mahere is a strong female activist?
  3. Valerio Sibanda and E.D. Mnangagwa are blood brothers. Both Mnangagwa and Valerio’s fathers shared a father Mapanzure. Mnangagwa and Charumbira are brothers
    – They use the following surnames Sibanda/ Shumba/Chibgwa/Murambwi/Siphambi/Ziyambi. They are from Chivi
    – They also use the totems Chainda or Chimbugu or Chiwuwu