Walter Magaya Blackmail Case Takes A New Twist


Magaya Blackmail Case Takes A New Twist

In my line of Work, I always try to look at both sides of the story.

So today I have a few new pieces of Information that I want to share with you.

I want to talk more about the Journalist who did this interview, according to the New information that I have received

1. The Journalist who interviewed tha parents is called Enisia Mashusha. She used to work for Walter Magaya
2. She launched a show called Enisia s A List Show early this month
3. She also founded Mambokadzi, a female dance group
4. She has previously worked for Walter Magaya
5. Last year Magaya paid her after she made the first accusation

This is the information I have for now, let me conclude with my view on Magaya.

1. It’s not totally correct to say the girl was totally innocent in this whole episode
2. This situation is Being taken advantage of. I actually think Enisia is using Magaya to build up her name
3. I know Magaya he has helped a lot of people.
4. 6 of Magaya’s adopted children go to an internacional school . Which he pays 25k us as school fees for each .
5. He has 8 children at a cyprus univesity that he helps
6. Magaya has 14 in Students at a Canadian Univesity

In Conclusion
I want you to look at the case of SA President Cyril Ramaphosa who was accused of similar actions with 16 Female Students that he is supporting at University.

I think Magaya needs to create a separate foundation where he assists females and also leave all counseling of females to his wife.

Tonight, I will be getting more video from someone who feels strongly about this topic you are welcome to make your own video in support of or against Magaya.